Our Story


On the third Saturday of each month, this ministry distributes a variety of food, such as vegetables, juice, bread, potatoes, fruit, milk and yogurt to 100 to 150 families from surrounding communities. The food arrives in a truck from the St. Paul Evangelical Society about 7 AM Saturday morning. Volunteers start unloading the truck shortly after 7 AM, setting up the distribution area within the school and distributing the food starting about 8 AM. The truckload of food is usually gone within a couple of hours and the volunteers then clean up the school, recycle boxes, clean tables, floor coverings, so that the school is ready for its other activities.  Food Harvest is not just about food. It is about the spirit as well. In addition to the physical food distribution, volunteers talk and pray with the gathered guests before and during the food distribution. The distribution is always begun with a word of prayer, sometimes by one of the guests and other times by a volunteer. The volunteers try to demonstrate to the guests and the community at large that we are Christians, not only by our thoughts and words, but by our deeds.  Volunteers are always welcome. Participation can include one or more of the following:  • Spiritual activities such as praying with the volunteers or mingling with the guests; talking about their joys, concerns and praying with them  • Physical activities such as moving the several tons of food from the truck into the distribution area or helping guests who need some physical assistance to get food back to their vehicles  • Emotional activities such as just listening and empathizing with people who do not often have a sympathetic ear  • Mental activities such as figuring out how to distribute a ton of onions (50 pounds at a time) or stretch 2 boxes of bananas among 100 families (2 bananas per family)  Volunteers should arrive about 7 AM to set up, unload the truck, arrange food, help guests carry food and generally do the labor needed to distribute a truck load of food, then and clean up. They also remember to make the morning a fun time. Guests can arrive anytime from 7 AM until the food is gone. Numbers between 1 and 175 are distributed to guests as we collect their $15.00 minimum donation. Food distribution begins about 8 AM.  Volunteers will control the amount of food given to each family unit the first and second times they go through the distribution line so that each item is available to all guests. Many people stay for a second time and third time through the line. A third trip through the area ends up with their being able to take as much as they want so that we can send the truck back empty.  Everyone is welcome as Jesus commanded.  We look forward to seeing you at the next Food Harvest, as guest or volunteer.  For more information call Tim at 612-708-6799.